Dave Oram Named President at RWT

Dave OramWe are pleased to announce that Dave Oram has joined Roadway Worker Training (RWT) as its President. Dave brings to RWT over 38 years of experience in the railroad industry including Maintenance of Way, bridge design & construction, planning, track production work and, most recently, consulting. Dave earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Lehigh University in 1976 and has been a registered professional engineer since 1981.

RWT, founded in 2001, provides highly-specialized training and support services to the railroad industry. RWT has four business divisions (RWT Signal Services, Railroad Protective Services, Focal Point Productions, and RWT Training) with over 150 employees and associates working on railroad projects from coast to coast and Canada.  Jim Cashwell, RWT co-founder and chairman has announced he will play a continuing role with RWT for the foreseeable future.

NRC Announces the NRC Scholarship Program In Memoriam of Vinnie Vaccarello and Patsy Crisafi

July 2, 2013 – The National Railroad Construction & Maintenance Association (NRC) is pleased to announce the availability of scholarships for tuition assistance to children or grandchildren of NRC members. This year the NRC is offering two $2,000 Scholarships in Memoriam of Vinnie Vaccarello (NRC Board Member, Co-President of All Railroad Services Corp.) and Patsy Crisafi (NRC Safety Committee Member, Executive Vice President of Roadway Worker Training, Inc.)

AMOUNT OF AWARDS: two at $2,000 each

Scholarship funds, awarded annually, will be sent directly to the student at the beginning of the next term of study. Students must be in attendance for a full year following receipt of the award.

To be eligible for consideration, an applicant must:

  1. be a son, daughter, grandson, or granddaughter of a current employee of an NRC member company; and
  2. be enrolled at the time of application as a full-time college student at an accredited two-year college offering an associate’s degree or an accredited college or university offering a bachelor’s degree


A complete application and all accompanying materials must be sent to the NRC Scholarship Committee via emailed no later than August 30, 2013 for consideration for the following academic term.

To make a donation to the NRC Scholarship Program in Memoriam of Vinnie Vaccarello and Patsy Crisafi, please make checks payable to “NRC Scholarship Fund” and send to:

500 New Jersey Ave, NW
Suite 400
Washington, DC 20001

FRA Delays Effective Date of Final Rule Regarding Adjacent Track On-Track Safety for Roadway Workers

On May 30, 2013 the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) announced an action delaying the effective date of the final rule regarding Adjacent Track On-Track Safety for Roadway Workers until July 1, 2014.  This final rule was originally published on November 30, 2011 (76 FR 74586) and had been scheduled to take effect on July 1, 2013.  The final rule mandates that roadway workers comply with specified on-track safety procedures that railroads must adopt to protect those workers from the movement of trains or other on-track equipment on “adjacent controlled track.”  The FRA is still reviewing two petitions for reconsideration as well as comments received on the petitions for reconsideration.  Accordingly, the FRA has delayed implementation of the final rule,  “in order to accommodate railroads’ normal training schedules and to allow railroads to incorporate any amendments that FRA’s response to the petitions and comments on the petitions may make to the final rule”.


The full text of this action may be viewed at http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2013-06-05/pdf/2013-13291.pdf.

Roadway Worker Training, Inc. (RWT) Launches RWT Signal Services

Roadway Worker Training, Inc. (RWT) is pleased to announce the launch of RWT Signal Services.

RWT Signal Services will be under the capable direction of railroad veteran Ray Sipes, who brings over 42 years of railroad industry experience and expertise to the RWT organization.

RWT Signal Services is currently adding staff and developing a variety of targeted services including Signal Training, Project Management, Grade Crossing Surveys, In-Service Testing, Power Procurement, Material Requisitioning and Signal Design, as well as additional customized services.

RWT, headquartered in St. Augustine, FL, has provided high-impact training and support services to the railroad industry for over 10 years.  RWT’s mission is to provide a wide variety of quality technical, safety and compliance training, targeted services and products to the railroad industry – class 1 railroads, regional and short-line railroads, transit systems, state DOT’s and railroad contractors, suppliers and consultants.

Inquires regarding RWT Signal Services may be directed to (904) 416-3053.  Information about RWT can be found on our website at www.rrtrainers.com.

FRA Issues Safety Advisory 2011-02 – Following Procedures When Going Between Rolling Equipment

As published in the Federal Register on October 11, 2011 the Federal Railroad Administration has issued Safety Advisory 2011-02 to remind railroads and their employees of the importance of following procedures when going between rolling equipment. This safety advisory contains various recommendations to railroads to ensure that these issues are addressed by appropriate railroad operating policies and procedures, and to ensure that those policies and procedures are effectively implemented.

This safety advisory was issued in response to three railroad employee fatalities experienced in the 10 week period between July 25, 2011 and September 8, 2011, as well as two additional railroad employee fatalities occurring over the last two years. All of these incidents occurred when employees were between rolling equipment.

Among the recommendations included in this safety advisory is the review of SOFA Safety Recommendation #1Adjusting Knuckles, Adjusting Drawbars, and Installing End of Train Devices.

The full text of this safety advisory can be viewed at http://www.fra.dot.gov/downloads/safety/SA201102.pdf

RWT Launches Focal Point Productions, a Full-Service Media Production Company

Roadway Worker Training, Inc. continues to expand services this year by welcoming our new production company, Focal Point Productions.

As a full-service company, Focal Point Productions has the equipment, experience and most of all – the creative talent – to streamline your project from beginning to end. Whether you need help with every step or just a few steps along the way. Their team is comprised of producers, writers, editors, graphic artists, programmers and videographers, with years of experience working on rail and transportation projects. Combined with the resources and subject matter experts within RWT, we can create the most effective training and communication pieces for railway workers.

Over the years, RWT Inc. has experienced overwhelming industry response to our safety and training classes. With the addition of an in-house media production company, we can now expand training options and materials to our customers. From on-line interactive training to customized media presentations, RWT Inc. and Focal Point are meeting needs and expanding possibilities in the area of communications and training for the rail industry.

Focal Point Productions also has years of experience producing monthly and quarterly safety videos, rail security programs, corporate communications messages, broadcast commercials and online media content.

Please join us in welcoming Focal Point Productions to our team of experts. We pride ourselves on providing a variety of services to our industry colleagues. Our media production company is one more valuable service we are happy to offer.

For a closer look at services offered by Focal Point Productions, please visit www.getfocal.com .

Railway Alert Network (RAN) Situational Awareness Message: Suspicious Incidents Involving Two Persons Claiming to be FRA Employees

Roadway Worker Training, Inc. was recently made aware of the AAR Railway Alert Network Situational Awareness Message reproduced in its entirety below.  In light of the 2 incidents described in this Situational Awareness Message, RWT is taking this opportunity to remind our clients that when entering or working on railroad property:

  • Ensure that you have the appropriate authorization to enter railroad property, and
  • Ensure that you have the appropriate credentials in your possession and are able to produce them upon request by the proper authority

The full text of the Situational Awareness Message is as follows:

Railway Alert Network (RAN) Situational Awareness Message: Suspicious Incidents Involving Two Persons Claiming to be FRA Employees

July 26, 2011

Dissemination of the Transit and Rail Intelligence Awareness Daily (TRIAD) that presented details of a suspicious incident prompted identification by another railroad of similar activity and advisories to rail police and employees to assure awareness and reinforce fundamental security procedures.

The July 19 TRIAD conveyed the report that Canadian Pacific (CP) made to TSA’s Transportation Security Operations Center (TSOC) on suspicious activity at a rail bridge. In summary, at approximately 1335 hours Central time on July 16, two individuals approached CP’s Menomonee Bridge in Milwaukee, WI. As they came up to the bridge tender, the two men identified themselves as FRA employees and stated they were there to “inspect” the bridge. The alert rail employee responded by asking the pair for their identification – precisely the right action. In reaction, the two men returned to their vehicle, ostensibly to obtain their identification. Instead, they reentered the vehicle and drove away from the area.

The CP employee immediately reported the incident, providing CP Police Special Agents with a description of the two individuals and the vehicle – a grey sedan. Though he was not able to discern the license plate number, his timely reporting, with as much detail as observations allowed, again represents precisely the right action.

CP properly reported the incident to TSOC to meet the applicable regulatory requirement at 49 CFR Section 1580.105. This report informed the July 19 TRIAD article that, on broader dissemination, implicated a similar incident that had occurred on Union Pacific (UP) property in the greater Los Angeles, CA, area.

Though the activity there remains under investigation, some details can be conveyed. At approximately 2030 hours Pacific time on July 17 – about 31 hours after the incident at the CP bridge in Milwaukee – a UP Manager of Yard Operations in Long Beach observed two male subjects sitting in a grey, four-door sedan watching UP train crews switching tank cars. After monitoring the pair for a period of time, the yard operations manager drove his vehicle toward the two individuals and, from his vehicle, asked them who they were. In response, they stated they were with the FRA and were there to watch the crews work. The manager asked the two men for their identification, then moved his vehicle to park it safely and get out to review the credentials. As he was turning to park, the two subjects drove away from the scene.

The manager contacted FRA, which stated it did not have any of its personnel on official duty in the area. Apparently, the FRA notified the TSOC of this impersonation incident.

Though they may be unrelated, the similarities between these two incidents warrant attention. In each case, two males, operating a grey sedan, observed rail operations or sought access to rail property, claiming they were FRA employees. In each case, FRA is adamant that it had no employees on official duties in either area.

In light of these events, in a model likely emulated by other railroads, UP has provided awareness briefings to employees, describing the similar incidents and reinforcing the importance of essential security procedures:

  • Request credentials of ANY person claiming to be an official government inspector or employee (FRA, TSA, DHS or other agencies)
  • When observing a suspect vehicle, write down or otherwise record the description (type, color, make, model, number of doors) and license plate number
  • Stay vigilant for suspicious people, behaviors, activities, and objects at and near rail operations and infrastructure
  • Report these potential security concerns to the railroad’s communications or operations center, in accordance with standing procedures
  • Review those procedures in awareness briefings with employees to ensure familiarity

Please feel free to use the content of this message in pre-shift, safety, operations, or other awareness briefings with employees at all levels. You may also share this message with local law enforcement and Federal liaison in your operating areas.

Association of American Railroads

Railway Alert Network

425 3rd Street, S.W.

Washington DC 20024

202-639-2910 Emergency

866-494-4353            “

202-639-2950 Non-Emergency

CSX Safeway Rule Change

CSX has issued System Bulletin 005, effective 2100 hours, June 14, 2011, introducing new Safeway Rule GS-33 “Operating Motor Vehicles” to provide consistency across all Departments and comply with federal DOT regulations. Safeway Rules ES-13 and MS-5 are deleted. This Bulletin revises material also contained in the 2011 Contractors Handbook for CSX Roadway Worker Protection, effective January 1, 2011. All Facilitators of the 2011 CSX Contractors Safety & Roadway Worker Protection program must familiarize themselves with this revision. Click on the following link to view the complete text of System Bulletin 005:

CSX System Bulletin 005 06-14-11

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