Roadway Worker Training Services


Introduction to Railroad Safety Concepts
Industrial Locomotive Operator Training
Freight Car Air Brake Training
Train Accident Investigation
Operating Rules & Practices
Audits and Assessments


FRA Freight Car Safety Standards (49 CFR 215)
FRA Locomotive Safety Standards (49 CFR 229)
FRA Brake System Safety Standards (49 CFR 232)
FRA Railroad Safety Appliance Standards (49 CFR 231)
Basic Locomotive Air Brake Maintenance Training


New Hire Training (Train, Engine & Yard Service)
Locomotive Engineer Training (49 CFR 240)
Remote Control Locomotive Operator Training (49 CFR 240)
Train Dispatcher Training
FRA Brake System Safety Standards (49 CFR 232)
Operating Rules & Practices
Labor Relations


FRA Track Safety Standards (49 CFR 213)
FRA Roadway Worker Protection (49 CFR 214)
FRA Bridge Worker Fall Protection (49 CFR 214)
Rail Inspection and Grading
Crosstie Inspection
Highway/Rail Grade Crossing Inspection
Compliance Audits/Assessments
Maintenance Planning/Budgeting
MOW Database Analysis & Reconciliation

General Safety

General Safety Training
Operating Rules Training
MOW New Hire & Technical Training
Signal & Communication Operational Safety Training
Standards, Policies & Procedures Development

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