Engineering Training and Services

FRA Track Safety Standards (49 CFR 213)

Designed for individuals responsible for the inspection and maintenance of track, this training will acquaint the student with the Track Safety Standards prescribed by Federal Regulation, as well as the means to detect deviations from these standards and prescribe appropriate remedial action to correct or safely compensate for these deviations.

FRA Roadway Worker Protection (49 CFR 214)

Designed for individuals performing track construction and maintenance (Roadway
Workers), this training meets the requirements prescribed by Federal Regulation, for initial and recurrent training on the on-track safety rules and procedures that these individuals are required to follow.

FRA Bridge Worker Fall Protection (49 CFR 214)

Designed for individuals performing work on railroad bridges, this training familiarizes the student with the minimum safety rules required by Federal Regulation for fall protection systems and their application.

Rail Inspection and Grading

RWT has qualified individuals who are available to make physical inspections of Rail to determine Grade, Classification, and suitability. Further, based on our Clients’ Policies & Specifications we can provide “Rail Certification” services.

Crosstie Inspection

RWT provides field inspection, grading, and/or marking of crossties per our Clients’ Specifications and/or FRA Regulatory Guidelines. These services are used in preparation for scheduled maintenance cycles or longer term planning functions.

Highway/Rail Grade Crossing Inspection

A staff of qualified individuals provide this service for Major Class I Railroads, inspecting thousands of individual Crossings for the purposes of monitoring compliance with vegetation maintenance specifications.

Compliance Audits/Assessments

Individuals with knowledge of and experience in Federal Regulatory and Company Policies, perform both formal and informal audits and assessments of physical plants and operations to determine the levels of compliance and knowledge of the pertinent Policies and Procedures.

Maintenance Planning/Budgeting

RWT can assist Clients with their Physical Plant Assessment and help to establish both short and long-term maintenance and capital investment strategies.

MOW Database Analysis & Reconciliation

RWT has experience and expertise in the analysis, verification and reconciliation of various Engineering/MOW databases, i.e. curve data, master track files, physical assets, inventories, etc.

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