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Other Engineering Training and Services

General Safety Training

Generations of experience in the Railroad Industry facilitates RWT’s ability to work with the Client to develop and/or train employees in the concepts of basic Railroad Safety.

Operating Rules Training

RWT’s experience and knowledge allows us to help develop and customize Operating Rules Training Programs that are targeted to specific User Groups, emphasizing the crucial pertinent Rules whose adherence is critical to a safe Employee and Railroad Operation.

MOW New Hire & Technical Training

Through a combination of Classroom and Field sessions, we are able to introduce the new Railroad Employee to the Railroad environment and their role relative to its distinct requirements pertaining to maintenance, inspection, and operations. Also, we offer more Technical Training specific to certain job functions, such as Track Inspection and Maintenance, etc.

Signal & Communication Operational Safety Training

Using Client historical data, we help develop annual training that focuses on their actual experiences, the root-cause-analysis, and remedial actions taken. This can then provide the basis for any additional training requirements, installation, inspection, design changes and/or maintenance procedures.

Standards, Policies & Procedures Development

Working with our Clients, RWT’s experienced personnel are able to help develop Standards, Policies, & Procedures that are compliant but that also make strategic and economic sense for the Operations at hand.