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Transportation Training and Services

New Hire Training (Train, Engine & Yard Service)

RWT can provide experienced instructors to teach fundamental railroad operating skills including Safety Rules, Operating Rules, Air Brake & Train Handling Rules and Hazardous Materials Rules. With over 5,000 man-days of experience in new hire training our instructors can use a client’s existing curriculum or RWT can assist in curriculum development.

Locomotive Engineer Training (49 CFR 240)

RWT instructors have extensive field and classroom experience as Certified Locomotive Engineers, DSLE’s and Engineer Instructors and have provided over 500 man-days of training for our clients. They are qualified on the requirements of Part 240 and, in addition to training, can evaluate Engineer performance and prescribe appropriate remedial activity for performance failures.

Remote Control Locomotive Operator Training (49 CFR 240)

With over 12,000 man-days of RCL experience, RWT has assisted clients in developing RCL training programs, in assessing sites for potential conversion from conventional operation to remote control operation, in evaluating and implementing Remote Control Zones and in training and certifying Remote Control Locomotive Operators using the latest RCL technologies.

Train Dispatcher Training

Our instructors are experienced Train Dispatchers and have expertise with multiple systems and methods of operation.

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