Focal Point Productions

Focal Point Productions

The Perfect Coupling

Focal Point Productions, RWT’s Media Development Group, provides the perfect coupling of railroad knowledge and production experience. Whatever type of media you need – from video and interactive programs, to web-based training and marketing materials – we create content to engage, educate, motivate, persuade and inspire your audience.

Our Team

Our creative team includes some of the best scriptwriters, editors, graphic artists, animators, programmers, production crews and subject matter experts – all with years of experience in the railroad environment. Working closely with our clients and fellow RWT staff, Focal Point’s team consistently gets our clients the results they need.

Our Promise

From general railroad training and media to customized programs designed for your employees, we’re in business for the customer – ours and yours. We believe customer service is more than a good product at a good price… it is attention, accessibility, and commitment; and this is the promise we make to our customers: We will always do everything possible to provide the best solution to your communication needs through attention, experience and pride.

For more information, visit or call 904-296-1784.