Roadway Worker Training

The Railroad Professionals

Roadway Worker Training (RWT) was created to provide a variety of training and support services to the railroad industry.  RWT has assembled a large staff of talented and experienced railroad professionals who provide these services.  Our staff has generations of experience in the railroad industry and are proven performers who have achieved success in a variety of positions and disciplines.

The RWT veterans have honed their skills in planning, developing, implementing, and managing a wide variety of railroad services on several major railroads and in a variety of departments and positions.  In addition to our staff having held key positions on a number of railroads, we also have acquired valuable experience in railroad consulting, as suppliers, contractors, and with regulatory agencies.

Our wide experience base coupled with our passion for the railroad industry drives us to approach all of our clients projects with a positive, collaborative, can-do approach and to utilize our experience and knowledge to achieve high quality results.

RWT is experienced in the development and delivery of training programs.  We specialize in tailoring our services to satisfy our clients’ unique requirements.

Roadway Worker Training (RWT) is a company focused on providing a variety of quality Support Services to the Railroad Community.  Our clients are the leaders in the railroad industry and cover Class 1 Railroads, Regional and Short Lines Railroads, State DOT’s, Transit Systems, Suppliers, Contractors, and Consultants.  We are currently engaged in providing various Consulting, Training, and Auditing Services to our 400 plus clients nationwide.

What we do best is to work collaboratively with clients to develop customized services to support their specific needs.

Safety Focus

Years of service in the railroad industry have instilled in the RWT team an unwavering commitment to safety.  Our services and training are always delivered with a special emphasis on employee safety and the safety of your operation or project.

RWT’s Mission

Our mission is to provide a wide variety of high quality safety, compliance and technical training and targeted services and products to the Railroad Industry, including railroads, transit systems, short lines, regionals, railroad contractors, suppliers, State DOT’s and consultants.

RWT Staff and Associates

We are very proud of our staff of nearly 100 veteran Railroader professionals who average over thirty years of service each. Our Associates come from Engineering, Transportation, Mechanical, Safety and Human Resources backgrounds and have held various positions, from Entry Level through Senior Management (VP Level).  All have come to us through personal associations and/or prior Railroad working relationships.  The RWT Team brings a wide range of practical railroad experience and a passion for Safety to every project we undertake.


For information or employment opportunities contact RWT through our contact form or call us at 1-866-479-8462.  RWT is an equal opportunity employer and a DRUG FREE WORKPLACE.