Industrial Training & Services

Introduction to Railroad Safety Concepts

Developed for in-plant switching operations this one-day course includes a description of basic track components and geometry, basic locomotive and freight car designations and components (including air brake components and functioning), safe job procedures for the rail environment and basic derailment modes and derailment prevention. This course includes both classroom instruction and a field demonstration.  Coming soon, it will also be available on-line.

Industrial Locomotive Operator Training

Designed for the operator of the locomotive in plant switching operations this course includes modules covering locomotive familiarization, the diesel engine, starting the locomotive and preparing it for service, locomotive control stands, air compressor and main reservoir, locomotive brakes, freight car air brakes and track/train dynamics.

Freight Car Air Brake Training

This one-day course presents a detailed description of the functioning of the locomotive and freight car air brake system, as well as the inspection and testing of the air brake system by rail crews, prior to equipment movement. It includes both classroom instruction and a field exercise.

Train Accident Investigation

RWT has qualified individuals available to assist clients in the investigation of derailments and other train accidents. Our associates can help clients analyze the track, equipment and human/operational factors to quickly and accurately determine the accident cause, and can also assist in the development of remedial or corrective measures.

Operating Rules & Practices

RWT can provide experienced railroad professionals to assist in the development and/or review of rail operating practices, including Operating Rules, Standardized Operating Procedures, Work Instructions and Playbooks.

Audits and Assessments

RWT’s experienced railroad associates are available to provide audits or assessment of various aspects of a client’s rail operations, including plant trackage, motive power or rail equipment and employee performance.